Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Hair Dryer Review: 1800W Electric Portable Negative ion Noise Reducing

Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Hair Dryer Review: Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Negative Ion Hair Dryer, with all the options to look for with high quality and licensed security.
Many people always find themselves in search of an ergonomic hairdryer that will only carry their suitcase after the trip.Xiaomi JIMMY F6 feature

Xiomi JIMMY F6 Hair Dryer Review: Introduction

Those who do, usually want to dry and repair their hair before going to any event while on tour. It’s no secret that not all residences have good hairdryers, often, it’s just a simple dryer whose job is to provide burning air and something else; So they don’t help too much for the beautification course.

Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Hair Dryer Review: Design

The design is minimalist and distinctive. The look of the Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Negative Ion Hair Dryer is completely different from most of the hairdryers available in the market.

It uses a really special form design, with thick and skinny design elements on both sides, which are low-key and elegant.you can also like FENGMI R1 Nano USTXiaomi JIMMY F6 feature2

In addition, the ruby ​​red color seems very atmospheric and trendy. If something needs to be said to explain this kind of color combination, you can probably use the phrase “beautiful and luxurious” to describe the Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Negative Ion Hair Dryer.

Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Hair Dryer Review: Price

At Geekbuying for $239.13 | At AliExpress for $139.99

Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Hair Dryer Review: Feature

In addition, there are built-in gold buttons and decorative circles for decoration. At the same time, the air grill may have a golden color in place, which is especially pleasing. For most little fairy and young ladies, this design is absolutely beautiful and delightful.

Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Negative Ion Hair Dryer is not small, it is not too soft to carry in your hand, when considered from a distance, it is much like holding a small model of Thor’s Hammer.

The floor of the hairdryer uses a matte spray coating course, but it is extremely delicate and clean to the touch and does not feel “real” matte vibration.Xiaomi JIMMY F6 design2

The round form design does not see a screw hint on the floor, and a golden coil blend on the finish enhances great things about the product.

In the product match phrase, there are two color choices: Ruby Red and Starlight Purple. Still, I chose Ruby Red because this color has an extra nice feature.

Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Hair Dryer Review: Performance

Xiaomi JIMMY F6 adopts 3 + 1 mode to operate a negative ion hairdryer. Three strip-shaped air management buttons independently manage wind speed, wind, cold air/form. Push-type power switches with large particles are completely different from strip buttons for the convenience of customers. Quick detection throughout the operation. Clear classification simplifies a person’s day-to-day care without having to control the endless variety of gear like a normal hairdryer.

The form of the Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Negative Ion Hair Dryer Air Outlet can be very special. It uses a 17-blade high-speed turbofan digital motor,

which can instantly generate a powerful airflow of 18L / S. With the design of compressed wind booster air outlets, the air is hardened.Xiaomi JIMMY F6 feature3

The channel makes the air extra concentrated and it exits through the pores of the outer particles to quickly remove the remaining moisture on the hair floor.

Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Negative Ion Hair Dryer has located “PID clever heat management skills”. It adopts semiconductor refrigeration efficiency inside, condenses water molecules in the air, and releases sufficient nano-water ions under high-pressure electrolysis,

it evenly covers the floor of the hair layer when the person blows the hair and enters the hole. Moisture replenishes the hair follicles and nourishes the hair follicles.

Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Hair Dryer Review: Air Nozzle

As an air nozzle, three completely different air nozzles are provided to operate the hairdryer. Of the 2 flat nozzles, the smaller one is the styling nozzle and the larger one is the quick-drying nozzle. The third is around perforated flute air mouth diffuser nozzle suitable for people with long hair.

As a high-end product, the Jimmy F6 hair dryer uses a magnetic suction design between the fan interface and the air nozzle.Xiaomi JIMMY F6 design

The magnetic powder is incorporated into the plastic cover of the product using a fancy manufacturing course, and the person does not have to tirelessly lock it while receiving the product, just placing 2 improperly near the magnetic drive will regularly tempt and complete the docking.

Users realize that 360 ° is the face of any useless angle collection, they are usually not afraid to fall while shaking.

Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Hair Dryer Review: Pros and Cons

  • High-speed turbo
  • PID intelligent heat control technology
  • Noise reducing
  • Variety modes and settings
  • Nano ultrasonic technology
  • Using a hair dryer every day is harmful

Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Hair Dryer Review: Conclusion

The Jimmy F6 Hair Dryer distinguishes between product wind speed, warmth, and mood changes. The distance between the high and low actions corresponds exactly to the variation of the thumb.

After a simple recollection, the “blind press” operation will be implemented. However, since all of the keys are designed in the right direction, the general operation is biased towards right-handed customers, which makes backhand operation very inconvenient for left-handed customers.

Also, the hairdryer starts parallel to the second-speed wind velocity and scorching wind each time the machine is turned on, and the previous person does not want to exit due to setting error.

Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Hair Dryer Review: Where to buy Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Hair Dryer?

You can buy Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Hair Dryer from online shops like Aliexpress, Geekbuying, Banggood.


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