Yeedi Mop Station Robot Vacuum Review: Self-Cleaning Station | Dual 3500ml Water Tanks

Yeedi Mop Station Robot Vacuum A computerized resolution to clean a 3-in-1 dwelling. Therefore, it can wash mop pads, vacuums, and floors.

yeedi mop station

Yeedi Mop Station Robot Vacuum: Design

There is a separate 3,500ml water tank for cleaning the MOP pads in the washer. It comes with modern knowledge that combines a self-vacuum with a complete washing system. More to love IMILAB V1 Robot Vacuum.

Also, it is the best self-emptying robotic vacuum cleaner. The Yedi Mop Station has 2,500Pa suction power, voice control, visual slam mapping, and navigation.

yeedi mop station design

Also, it works like 180 minutes and regularly completes all vacuuming responsibilities. It recharges regularly and comes with a 2-year guarantee.

Yeedi Mop Station Robot Vacuum: Price

At Aliexpress for $618.66 

Yeedi Mop Station Robot Vacuum: Feature

There are regular 3500ml water tanks for laundry MOP pads. Also, the two spinning pressure mops use tight-fitting to use 10N downward power.

The Yedi MOP station uses visual slam mapping and navigation for shelf vacuum cleaning. There are also flooring monitoring sensors for environmentally friendly cleaning plans.

yeedi mop station feature

Also, the 5200mAh battery delivers about 180 or 200 minutes of runtime. You can even plan to clear the schedule and set digital boundaries.

yeedi mop station feature (2)

This self-cleaning robotic vacuum performs all mapping, washing, vacuuming, and dusting duties with zero tolerance for debris.

Yeedi Mop Station Robot Vacuum: Performance

That’s why the Yeddy MOP station connects to the self-empty robotic vacuum cleaner Yeddy app and many control options.

There are Area Clean, Room Clean, Schedule Clean, and No-Go Zone settings. Also, you can probably improve the robotic OS using OTA upgrades.

yeedi mop station (2)

It has WiFi to connect with Alexa, Google, and Yandex Assistants. There are 3,500 ml tanks for the station and 200 ml water tanks for the robotic cleaners.

Yedi MOP Station is a robotic MOP with a built-in washer on your MOP. This provides efficient mopping skills and keeps mopping pads off regularly after getting dirty.

yeedi mop station design2

Yeddy regularly throws dirt into the dustbin and holds the mud for about 30 days. No extra sneezing or itching of the nose, suitable for pets and families of young people.

Yeedi Mop Station Robot Vacuum: Specifications

1.Remote Control: Amazon Alexa / Google Home / Yandex Alice
2.Cleaning Modes: Auto Cleaning, Area Clean
3.Dust Box Capacity: 300ml
4.Suction (pa): 200 / 600 / 1200 / 2500 Pa
5.Working Time (h): 180mins/200mins
6.Battery Capacity:5200mAh
7.Navigation: 90° Visual SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping)
8.Runtime: 180 mins
9.Water Flow Level: 3 Levels
10.Map Type: 2D Home Map
11.Water Tanks: 3500 ml x 2 (Self-Cleaning Station)
12.Object Avoidance: Infrared sensor

Yeedi Mop Station Robot Vacuum: Pros and Cons

  • Self-Clean Robot
  • Dual Spin and Pressurized Mopping
  • Auto Mop Washing and Drying
  • Visual SLAM Mapping & Navigation
  • 2500Pa Suction Power
  • It is costly

Yeedi Mop Station Robot Vacuum: Conclusion

Now is the time to improve random vacuums, which push around, miss stains, and clean endlessly. Yedi’s method of knowing visual mapping works seamlessly with flooring monitoring sensors that can help you clean your entire floor by tracing it like a GPS in your home, in one day.


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