Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier Review: H600G launched with 1200G Dual RO Reverse

The Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier adopts the revolutionary twin RO filtration efficiency of 1200G trade. It has reached a whole new level in water circulation, pure wastewater ratio, and filter life.

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier

Introduction of Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier

The Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier Water speeds are as high as 2.2 L / min, and it takes just three seconds to fill a cup of 150 ml of water, and it only takes 18.9 seconds to fill a 1 L kettle.

Design of Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier

The auxiliary RO filter component then filters wastewater filtered by the principle filter component. In the extraction mode, the pure wastewater ratio is 5: 1, and in the normal mode.You can also like Xiaomi MR432-D.

Mi Water Purifie feature2

The ratio of pure wastewater to 3: 1. You can use wastewater for laundry dishes, flower water, and mopping.

Wait. The secondary RO filter component policy protects the RO filter component and adopts anti-RO clogging separation efficiency. It can achieve five years long term efficiency without falling.

Feature of Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier

Mi Water Purifier 1200G does not always contain stale water. So you can probably drink with peace of mind in the first cup.

Pure water backflushing efficiency, when inactive, purifies pure water to perform again in a unique water finish to ensure that the pure water finish of the RO membrane is performed and flush to stop the intrusion of wastewater.

Mi Water Purifie feature

The Mi Water Purifier 1200G includes eight ranges of deep filtration. It can successfully filter out hazardous substances equivalent to micro-organisms, heavy metals, and sterile products and deeply purify the high quality of water to meet the high water quality requirements directly.

Mi Water Purifie-min

Conclusion of Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier

The use of a brand new 8-cavity pump design can successfully provide water efficiency. By reducing the pump’s speed and balancing the pump’s working torque, the sound and vibration of the pump can be successfully returned.


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