XIAOMI 2Pro Mi Smart Projector Review: High Brightness Provides Clear Pictures

The Smart XIAOMI 2Pro Mi Smart Projector most recent Manquin. The projector is in the center of the final 12 months because it is available from China, and now the rest of the world will get a suitable model. It comes with Android TV 9.zero and a brightness of 1300 ANSI lumens.2Pro Mijia Mi Smart Projector design2

XIAOMI 2Pro Mi Smart Projector: Design

Speaking of design, I have to say a few phrases of the award for Xiaomi. The projector just looks good. Of course, there can always be a good amount of personal opinion. But hardly anyone will deny that the system looks good.

Overall, Xiaomi stays true here with the standard look of its projector. The whole system is completely white, the only exception to my information was the 2018 Mizia projector (which I have had since then).

2Pro Mijia Mi Smart Projector feature

The only non-white floor entrance here. It is roofed in a gray material, which provides the projector with a speaker look. You can also like XGIMI H3 Projector

XIAOMI 2Pro Mi Smart Projector additionally doesn’t make it look fairly “sterile” and looks more beautiful, especially in the dwelling.

XIAOMI 2Pro Mi Smart Projector: Price

At Banggood for $849.99

XIAOMI 2Pro Mi Smart Projector: Feature

Full HD and a certain brightness of 1300 ANSI lumens. Thus, the projector is suitable as a house theater system if you are already interested in leaving 4K (which has become a little more favorite).

The projector additionally relies on long-lasting LEDs as a lightweight supply, but this is hardly a surprise for Xiaomi.

2Pro Mijia Mi Smart Projector feature3

All the beavers of the model have been decorated with LEDs to date. There is not an actual claim regarding perseverance, however, it is generally assumed to be 25,000 hours and more.

In addition, Xiaomi primarily advertises audio systems, which are considered to be above average. In reality, they even transform the beam’s greatest spotlight.

Anyone who has bought a product from Xiaomi knows what the insurance field looks like. White, simple – just Xiaomi.

The projector itself is wrapped in styrofoam and thus protected from the slight push. In addition to the cardboard, our mannequins are extra intact.

XIAOMI 2Pro Mi Smart Projector: Remote Management

There are well-known Xiaomi designs in remote management, which we also know from their various insurers and TVs.

Remote management is related via Bluetooth and must be connected to the projector when it is turned on for the initial time, but it is done in a few seconds. At best, two AAA batteries are required

XIAOMI 2Pro Mi Smart Projector

However, it is unfortunate that there are no adjustable toes. The bottom has 4 rubber or silicone knobs, which assures a non-slip stand, but completely horizontally.

If you want to challenge the image up or down, it is important to tilt the projector in some way. Of course, it has a keystone correction, however, due to lack of decision you only need to correct the image in exceptions.

XIAOMI 2Pro Mi Smart Projector: Performance

There is a choice in the settings to flip the image horizontally. For this, there are 4 threads at the bottom, which are hidden under the rubber studs. With the appropriate screws, in addition, it is possible to mount the projector differently.

The resolution of the projector is 1920 x 1080p, commonly referred to as Full HD. However, 4K content elements can be simply rendered.

The casting ratio is about 1: 1, meaning the image is diagonally huge because the projector is far from the display.

2Pro Mijia Mi Smart Projector design

The distance of two .40 meters (roughly) from the display is similar to a 2.40-meter photo (or 100 inches). Theoretically, extras should also be deserved; Examples are up to 120 inches in the handbook.

I consider 80-100 inches to be final here, and the image appears vivid and sharp enough each. Both sooner or later decline with larger estimates, however, sadly, we don’t have enough area here to check out 120 inches and more.

XIAOMI 2Pro Mi Smart Projector: Pros and Cons

  • IOT Devices Control
  • Official Certificated Netflix
  • Android TV 9.0
  • High Brightness
  • Omni-direction Correction
  • Compact Size, Big Screen
  • HDR 10 Decoding
  • It is costly


At the entrance to the system, a small sensor stands behind the lens. This is the main goal, and the keystone correction is responsible for adjusting regularly.


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