Walkingpad R1 Review: Best Folding Exercise Machine 2021

Walkingpad R1 Review: In the state of the strolling machine, the Xiaomi WalkingPad R1 can use the automatic mode, changing the speed to keep pace with the speed of the person.

And can start, increase speed, and reduce remote management. In May of this year, a sterling machine product from Mizia with efficiency, which is compact in form, assists folding.

Walkingpad R1 design3

Walkingpad R1 Review: Design

One of the most reasons for the WalkingPad R1 is its small size and straightforward storage. This treadmill from the R1 identical contracted and glued on both sides.You can also like: WalkingPad R2

As with the deal when drawn, the complete setup can be achieved by a specific person.The arm screens to keep them locked on both sides of the treadmill, then repair them one more time.

Walkingpad R1 design2

There are two effective modes of a treadmill. One is automatic mode, which is suitable for going around. We’ll talk about that later.

Walkingpad R1 Review: Remote control

In different handbook modes, the remote control is used to control your speed. Through the show at the bottom of the treadmill, you can probably see the same data like speed, time, distance, and so on can be at the bottom.

Walkingpad R1 remote

There are three shortcut buttons at the bottom of the show, specifically standby mode, handbook mode, and automatic mode.

Walkingpad R1 Review: Feature

The Xiaomi WalkingPad R1 is best for newcomers to start training in handbook mode, to clamp their clothing safety change, and the work option will be closed if left out of the potential opportunity.

Walkingpad R1 feature

Take the distance away in your hand to start the work and put it on the safety rope. + – Velocity is managed by remote management to change 0.5km / h each time, center start and stop, to switch between handbook mode and automatic mode.

If you get bored throughout the work, you can also put a pill or cell phone in the handrail slot and watch the video during practice. KS Fit offers several coaching programs that will help you create an acceptable train plan. There are also extra steps, distances, punching challenges that motivate you to stay in training.

Walkingpad R1 Review: Main Feature

  • Fold 180 degrees, reduce occupied space and floor space.
  • 15 cm thick, covers an area of ​​less than 0.2 sqm.
  • At the bottom of the treadmill is a moving roller in a small corner of the house to save space.
  • The motor cabin is fully integrated with the track and field track and is more sporty.
  • The high-brightness translucent panel integrates the LED light panel with the panel, and the high-contrast visual effect makes the motion data clear.
  • The R1 treadmill has two distinct designs, the form can be a treadmill, and the arm grates can be stored more and become a more space-saving walker.
  • A Brushless motor suppresses noise.
  • Integrated aluminum alloy material is used as the skeletal structure for durability and durability.
  • Three ways, easy operation M constant speed mode can by remote control.
  • In an automatic mode (walking mode only supported) accord to the mode selection and function operations can be performed by the KS Fit application.
  • Remote control, comfortable realize.
  • Feet sense control speed, uniform speed, reduction, acceleration are the three included areas.

Next, introduce the automated mode, which coincides with the “waking state” of the Xiaomi WalkingPad R1, which can also be a kind of succession. It is suitable for the living conditions of young people.

Walkingpad R1 feature2

Walkingpad R1 Review: Performence

The treadmill R1 will be reworked directly on a rotating machine. Place the handrail on either side of the treadmill again. And the system will mechanically change to the strolling state.

In the state of the strolling machine, the walking pad R1 can use the automatic mode, change the speed to keep pace with the person’s speed conditions, and speed up, and start with remote management.

Walkingpad R1 feature 3

The machine will mechanically speed up, and once you want to stop. It will slowly go away in the second half and then slow down.

You won’t get used to it for a while just try a few examples. The trick is once you want to stop in the second half observe a few extra steps. It will be lower towards the initial column will probably be safer to come back again.

Walkingpad R1-min

The advantage of this is that it is easy to fold and place. It can save region load. Its maximum load is 110 kg, which is enough for most people.

In a busy life, many people want to spend time in training. But after a busy day of labor, there may be reasons not to go to the fitness center all the time.

Walkingpad R1 Review: Conclusion

This Xiaomi WalkingPad R1 machine can solve these problems very effectively. It will not take up an extra amount of territory in the accommodation.


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