WalkingPad R1 Pro Treadmill Review: Foldable Treadmill Machine

Chinese model Xiaomi is a sizzle detection in intelligent skill product trade. As we speak, Xiaomi WalkingPad R1 Pro has got our time to cut the overview.

To discover how compact and foldable treadmill machines can help you meet your health goals at home.

Introduction of WalkingPad R1 Pro

Home-based health home appliances are trending now. People are becoming more aware of their welfare and adopting the most applied science for perfect results. In recent years, treadmill machines have made homes in the trade.

WalkingPad R1 Pro Treadmill

Folding and lightweight health equipment are great for home use. It comes up with higher algorithm scams to control your skills and suggest the best practices for the spelling market with the treadmill promise to deliver great products at the perfect cost.

Design of WalkingPad R1 Pro

The physical dimensions of the WalkingPad R1 Pro treadmill are 59x28x35 inches (unveiled) and 38.5x28x6 inches (fold). It weighs 38 kg.you can also like: WalkingPad R1.

As outsiders, the WalkingPad R1 Pro is exceptional, given the rigid construction as well as the foldable and small dimensions. One of the most encouraging reasons for this machine is its small size and easy storage.

WalkingPad R1 Pro design

Users can fold in half in the middle of the treadmill, and the arm grates are positioned and stuck on both sides. Overall, the whole setup process can be handled comfortably by any single individual.

Feature of WalkingPad R1 Pro

In bodybuilding phrases, it aluminum alloy materials. The machine has two components – deck and deal.

The distinctive design does not allow customers to fold a single treadmill but makes it very skin likes a suitcase. You can insert it in any home because it ultimately wants to maintain a slender home.

In addition, the WalkingPad R1 Pro installs an anti-slip working belt for superior grip. It has extra EVA cushions that help bring the pressure back on the entire knee of the train. A powerful motor controls the work belt.

WalkingPad R1 Pro feature2

Treadmill machines are additional rolling wheel options. You can very conveniently move the unit where needed. There is an LED show on the entrance panel to monitor speed, distance and train time, and more.

Being a 2-in-1 unit, the most recent WalkingPad R1 Pro is equipped with sports activity modes – walking and running. Both mode further supports the automated and guide to help customers feel comfortable.

Performence of WalkingPad R1 Pro

You can use the remote controller to control the speed of the belt. In a real sense, this is the rights answer for beginners who can start the train in guide mode.

They can also observe the show to verify speed, distance, and time. The unit additionally puts three shortcut buttons at the bottom of the show – Guide Mode, Standby Mode, and Automatic Mode.

In addition, You can raise the place of your toes in the belt, save the scale back or speed. In addition, customers will be able to join smartphones with units through the KS Fit app.

Walkingpad R1 feature 3

It carries a portfolio of health equipment stages and is the key signature of the Walkingpad Treadmill.

The Xiaomi WalkingPad R1 Pro tei is spectacular within the state of the walking-cum-working machine that assists in automatic mode and adjusts the speed according to the cons motion status.

Motor and speed of WalkingPad R1 Pro

The part of the WalkingPad R1 Pro is the low-chair brushless motor. The 1.25HP motor unit provides a clean operation that can use several optional options.

The show unit can effectively enable you in speed, distance coverage, working hours and mode of operation, and much more.

Additionally, the treadmill can speed up using a remote controller. It is foldable and compact in shape, supports options, and can only in housing.

This section will allow you to familiarize yourself with the numerous configurations and inbuilt capabilities of the brand-new WalkingPad R1 Pro. Hopefully, a final assessment will help you differentiate before making a final choice.


To be extra fitness-centric in a fashionable setting, the WalkingPad R1 Pro installs an LED show at the entrance to the treadmill. While it’s not as advanced and trendy as recent innovations, it’s good to do your job.

The show unit can effectively enable you in speed, distance coverage, working time and mode of operation, and much more.


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