WalkingPad C2 Review: Smart Walking Machine 180-Degree Foldable

WalkingPad C2 Review: Walking Pad C2 Foldable walking pad provides you another option to enjoy sports activities. Have a walking pad strolling machine at home or work, you can walk at any time.WalkingPad C2 feature3

WalkingPad C2 Review: Introduction

Whether you want to cool down after dinner or after sitting for a very long time, you will be able to enjoy enjoyable and quiet walking exercises.

WalkingPad C2 Review: Design

The WalkingPad C2 Foldable walking pad is one of the best resolutions to keep matches in place. The walkway weighs only 25 kg, and several options are provided.WalkingPad C2 design

Features include a built-in LED show, leg speed control, remote controller, and cell app. you can also like WalkingPad K15 Pro.

The Walkingpad C2 folds easily, and when folded it measures 82.5 x 51. eight x 13.6 cm, making it easy for even the retailer in small areas.

WalkingPad C2 Review: Price

At Geekbuying for $365.99 | At TomTop for $419.99

WalkingPad C2 Review: Feature

WalkingPad C2 Smart Walking Machine has been adopted as a small house as possible. The slim platform lowers the room down, which reduces excess noise.

The Walkingpad C2 treadmill is supplied with a brushless motor, which will increase the flexibility to suppress noise throughout the train and improve load capacity.WalkingPad C2 feature4

The WalkingPad C2 uses a one hp brushless motor; Providing variable speeds from 0.5 km / h to six km / h. The sturdy monitor’s strong aluminum body allows it to withstand a maximum load of 100 kg.

WalkingPad C2 Review: Performance

The use of four cushion layers, including the EVA layer, helps reduce the pressure on the joints but also helps to reduce.

The noises level to 65 dB so as not to disturb the house and neighbors. Preserving the home, the Xiaomi C2 walking pad has a 180-degree folding design with straight motion on the back.WalkingPad C2 design2

When you wake up in the morning, you will be able to play sports activities at the residence regardless of the climate. Watch and train while watching the TV collection, and you will also have a great decision.WalkingPad C2 feature2

A healthy lifestyle helps you to keep your body fit and in good shape. However, there is usually no time to go to the fitness center, and; Climate conditions can’t always help you train outside.

WalkingPad C2 Review: Pros and Cons

  • Low Noise and High Power
  • Comfortable Foot Feel
  • LED Panel
  • 3 Intelligent Control Methods
  • Easy to Storage
  • Suitable for Multiple Scenarios
  • No Cons

WalkingPad C2 Review: Conclusion

There is a great resolution for this – the Xiaomi C2 WalkingPad Treadmill, which has superior performance and compact dimensions.

WalkingPad C2 Review: Where to buy WalkingPad C2?

You can buy WalkingPad from online shops like Gearbest, Geekbuying, Banggood, and Aliexpress.


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