SOOCAS W1 Oral Irrigator Best Review: 4 Frequency Conversion Modes IPX7 Waterproof

SOOCAS W1 Oral Irrigator Best Review: Take care of proper oral hygiene with Lukas Irrigation. The gadget is provided with four modes and four nozzles, so you can probably change the operation of the SOOCAS W1 Oral Irrigator as you wish.SOOCAS W1 Oral Irrigator design

SOOCAS W1 Oral Irrigator Best Review: Design

The high-capacity rechargeable battery allows the irrigation device to run for up to 90 days, and the amount of water resistance ensures freedom of use.

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The Lukas Humidifier has a 150ml water tank, which helps to scale the refilling frequency. However, if necessary, you can probably remove it and add water.SOOCAS W1 Oral Irrigator feature

Thanks to its compact design, the product is easy to use and easy for retailers. The Irrigator has four working modes that you must use. Light mode is suitable for an inexperienced person or fine gums. For day-to-day cleaning, use the normal mode for eco-friendly cleaning.

SOOCAS W1 Oral Irrigator Best Review: Price

At Geekbuying for $99.99 | At Banggood for $69.99 | At AliExpress for $56.62

SOOCAS W1 Oral Irrigator Best Review: Feature

The gadget has 2 buttons to activate / off or set the working mode. Thanks to the 360 ​​rolling nozzles, it is easy to use, and the water-resistant IPX7 makes it easy to use.

Also, Wi-Fi has a promising effect in consolidating the use of energy delivery, and the huge battery allows about 90 days of labor at a single cost. After about four hours of charging, the gadget is ready for further use.

SOOCAS W1 Oral Irrigator perform

SOOCAS W1 Oral Irrigator perform2-min

The Xiaomi Soocas Movable Pull-Out Oral Irrigator W1 has four oral cleansing modes. It allows you to make the most appropriate decision for yourself.

The gadget’s memory effect mechanically prompts the mode that was finally used. Light mode. A light pressure of 40-60 psi is great for the gadget’s initial use and also for delicate enamel and gum customers. Ideal condition.

Suitable for daily use by most people, it successfully cleans the face and removes plaque. Gum Safety Mode. In this mode, using Xiaomi Soocas W1 Irrigator.

SOOCAS W1 Oral Irrigator Best Review: Main Feature

  • Four Major Frequency Conversion Modes
  • 0° Sugar-Free Capsule Mouthwash
  • 4-Types Of Nozzles
  • Stable High-Frequency Pulsed Water Flow
  • 0.66mm Focusing Water Column
  • 90 Days Long Battery Life
  • IPX7 Whole Machine Waterproof

SOOCAS W1 Oral Irrigator Best Review: performance

you can probably do therapeutic massage on the gums, which strengthens them and improves blood circulation. Serial rinse mode. Suitable for the most powerful water conduction orthodontics.

The toothbrush does not reach everywhere, so a sure floor of the mouth is not clean. Sources operate at an excessive frequency of 1300 beats per minute, successfully eliminating food particles from enamel.

There can be no problem using this humidifier. The gadget has two buttons for setting W1 on / off or working mode.SOOCAS W1 Oral Irrigator

The 360 ​​rotating nozzles make it easy to use, and because of the IPX7’s water resistance, you’ll need to use it in every bathtub and bath.

SOOCAS W1 Oral Irrigator Best Review: Pros and Cons

  • Water Tank Capacity 150mL
  • high-frequency pulse water flow
  • 90 Days Long Battery Life
  • 4 professional nozzles
  • Strictly clears between gaps in teeth
  • easy to use
  • may not remove all plaque
  • Can be expensive

SOOCAS W1 Oral Irrigator Best Review: Conclusion

Also, the use of Wi-Fi providing energy has a promising effect on comfort, and the capacitive battery allows it to run for about 90 days at a single cost. After about four hours, the charger is ready for use once more.

SOOCAS W1 Oral Irrigator Best Review: Where to buy SOOCAS W1 Oral Irrigator ?

You can buy SOOCAS W1 Oral Irrigator from online shops like Aliexpress, Geekbuying, Banggood.


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