SOOCAS H5 Hair Dryer Review: 1800W Professional Quickly Powerful Dry Blower

SOOCAS H5 Hair Dryer Review: The SOOCAS H5 Hair Dryer is a revolutionary dry-drying ionic hair dryer that takes care of your hair.SOOCAS H5

SOOCAS H5 Hair Dryer Review: Introduction

The SOOCAS H5 Hair Dryer has a great design with a powerful 20,000 rpm. Engine, a big 10 million. Adverse ion focus and lots of purposes. The added tools will allow you to model your hair comfortably.

The SOOCAS Hair Dryer H5 has a portable resolution, due to its small size and weight, it matches just about any bag. You may also like BlitzHome BH-AF2

SOOCAS H5 Hair Dryer Review: Design

It weighs only 510 grams and measures 138mm x 243mm x 75mm. It will start your journey with this and you will enjoy high-quality hair care wherever you are.

The hairdryer is completely in your hand, it is extraordinarily light and light-weight it weighs only 510 grams, which is a lot like a simple bottle of water. Forget the heavy appliances in the house that make drying hair a difficult and tedious problem.SOOCAS H5 Hair Dryer design

The H5 also stands out with its trendy, futuristic design. Enjoy a purposeful and stylish machine that can deal with your hair. Convenient purpose machine for quick drying and efficient hair care.

The SOOCAS H5 hairdryer is an advanced model that optimally combines unique design and flexibility. The innovative design creates a huge airflow that dries the hair in a short time.

SOOCAS H5 Hair Dryer Review: Price

At Banggood for $64.99 | At AliExpress for $49.96

SOOCAS H5 Hair Dryer Review: Feature

The power of 1800W with ventilated wind speed 7. Four meters per second allow you to dry your hair very quickly.

The SOOCAS H5 mannequin has an engine with an advanced revolution, which is 20,000 rpm, moreover, a variety of fan blades have been improved, including 6 items in the new Manquin.SOOCAS H5 Hair Dryer feature

SOOCAS hair dryers can work in four modes. Use it to dry hair quickly or slowly in hot air. You can also choose pure airflow.

Circulation mode allows you to dry your hair warm for five seconds, then cool for three seconds so you can get pleasure from well-dried hair quickly. Swap modes freely and customize the dryer to your liking – you’ll quickly enjoy healthy, smooth hair.

SOOCAS H5 Hair Dryer Review: Performance

The H5 hairdryer can conduct cold and hot air to dry your hair and it cannot be damaged successfully. In addition, the SOOCAS H5 comes with three modes: constant temperature mode, hot air mode, and natural air mode.SOOCAS H5 Hair Dryer

The hairdryer has a security function that robotically shuts off the hairdryer when it becomes too tangled.

It has a 360 rotating nozzle, which provides extra comfort for you while drying your hair. Moreover, the SOOCAS H5 is available in an aluminum alloy physique, which makes it sturdy but elegant.SOOCAS H5 Hair Dryer (2)

SOOCAS will guarantee your safety. The double mesh separates the hair from the fan and reduces the chances of tangling. Hub’s double-layer insulation implies that there is no threat of burns.

SOOCAS H5 Hair Dryer Review: Specification

  • SOOCAS H5 has powerful wind
  • Material Aluminum alloy + ABS
  • Silver/Red/Purple Color
  • 1800W Rated Power
  • 220V 50Hz Rated Input
  • 1800W high power

SOOCAS H5 Hair Dryer Review: Packaging

Product Size: 75mn x 138mn x 243mn
Product Weight: 510g

SOOCAS H5 Hair Dryer Review: What’s in the box

1 x Hair Dryer
1 x User Manual
1 x Wind Mouth
1 x Storage Bag

SOOCAS H5 Hair Dryer Review: Pros and Cons

  • High concentration
  • upgrade the styling experience
  • 30 million negative ions per cubic centimeter
  • 1800W high power
  • Seamless and screwless body
  • 510g weight
  • perfect lightweight design
  • EU needs a power adapter

SOOCAS H5 Hair Dryer Review: conclusion

The temperature of the air equally increases the chances of hair loss and the equipment shuts off robotically during overheating. So you don’t have to worry about anything with SOOCAS you will be able to rely on sticky and safe hair care.

SOOCAS H5 Hair Dryer Review: Where to buy SOOCAS H5 Hair Dryer?

You can buy SOOCAS H5 Hair Dryer from online shops like Aliexpress, Banggood, Gearbest.


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