Realme TechLife Robot Vacuum Review: 3000Pa Suction | 5200 mAh battery

Realme TechLife Robot Vacuum is dedicated to providing vacuum cleaners with the option of attracting attention at a fixed price.

It connects to Vacuum, Scrub, Google Assistant, and Alexa and does not mount more than 38 sensors. But how does it behave daily? Okay, we got a chance to try it now, and that’s our skill.

Realme TechLife Robot Vacuum

Design of Realme TechLife Robot Vacuum

We start talking about design, a piece during which we discover no surprises. Realm’s robotic vacuum cleaner is quite large, centimeters in diameter, and in fact how many times can you make this joke as soon as the police arrive Is short (inches).

TechLife Robot Vacuum design

There are about ten millimeters from the ground to the top, which allows the robotics to hide under some sofas like in my workplace.

It is glossy black, and sadly it will turn to dust once you see it. At most, we now have centered laser sight and two buttons, one again the bottom and the benefit button.

More To Love Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Price

At Banggood

Feature of Realme TechLife Robot Vacuum

We now have the primary shock absorber at the entrance, the tank entry and filter (multi-function) in the rear half, and the central brush, lead plate, versatile wheel, and two wheels in half.

The tank included in the field is 600 ml and for solids only. And sure, the Realme robotic vacuum cleaner can certainly scrub.

TechLife Robot Vacuum feature2

But for this, you should purchase MOP and stable and liquid tanks separately. Therefore, we are not able to look at these capabilities on this assessment now.

TechLife Robot Vacuum feature

The tank is pulled out from the back by the emergency button and pulled out. It’s straightforward and doesn’t build up too much resistance.

Performance of Realme TechLife Robot Vacuum

As we can see, we have nothing to do now sitting at home, except for the fact that there are two-way brushes in the realm robotic vacuum.

Why? Beyond making it symmetrical, one of the many problems of spherical vacuum robots is that they do not converge with angles.

TechLife Robot Vacuumfeature3

By placing two brushes, the robotic vacuum cleaner manages to push a little extra into the corner, although it is true that they do not appear to be its most complex layer.

Before we start using the robotic vacuum cleaner, we now need to hyperlink the cell through the Realme Link app. Skills are comparable to each work strategy.

Maintenance of a robotic vacuum cleaner in Realm can be straightforward. We will constantly do extra work to wash the solid tank; one thing that depends on how dirty the soil is is to do one kind of work. It has a capacity of 600ml, which is not exactly small, and in my case, I emptied it every three days, even though it was the retailer’s house.

More features of Realme TechLife Robot Vacuum

The central brush has been eliminated and is as straightforward as using Realm’s accent in the cleaned area. We must cut the hair using a blade.

TechLife Robot Vacuum battery

I do this every week for a routine matter, but it will depend a lot more on whether or not your pet has got it.

The HEPA filter in the filter may be rinsed with water until we allow it to dry well before reapplying. In the same way, it is advisable to repeatedly clean the TOF sensor, drop sensor, obstruction sensor, LiDAR sensor, and contact pins in high places at the entrance. For this, we can use a dry and soft material.

Pros and Cons of Realme TechLife Robot Vacuum

  • 7.9cm Slim Body
  •  5200mAh Battery
  • 120min Lasting Life
  • 3000pa Large Suction
  •  Smart Electronic Control
  • 300mL Water Tank
  • Problems with applications

Conclusion of Realme TechLife Robot Vacuum

At this level, we can say that the skills of the Realme TechLife robot vacuum cleaner are constructive. Completely robotic on the market (especially if we test them with iRobot / Roomba).

But it behaves appropriately. Accurate on, enough to suck energy sucks crumbs and massive particles. And the app presents perhaps the most fulfilling, attention-grabbing choices.


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