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  • Feature 1: Can flexibly control¬†
  • Feature 2: 13Ah Hug Capacity Battery
  • Feature 3: 500W motor
  • Feature 4: CE Certification
  • Feature 5: Foldable design
  • Feature 6: Shockproof and stab-proof
  • Feature 7: Easy to charge

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Product Details For This Electric Scooter

General Item Name: BOGIST C1 PRO
Type: scooter
Model: C1 PRO
Specifications Speed: up to 45km/h
Tire size: 10-inch pneumatic tire (front wheel);
10-inch tubeless tire (rear-drive)
Frame material: aluminum alloy
Rated power: 500W
Rated voltage: 48V
Rated current: 13+/-0.5A
No-load current: 1.1+/-0.2A
No-load speed (1min): 950+/-10
Applicable terrain: flat road
Battery 13Ah Hug Capacity Battery
Built-in lithium battery,
long-lasting battery life,
easy to charge
Other Features Waterproof rating: IP64
Chassis height: 90mm
Applicable height: 200cm
Supportable weight: 120kg
Rated power of the charger: 109.2W
Rated input voltage of the charger: 100V-240V
Charger rated current: 1.8A-2.2A
Charger charging time: 7H
The rated output voltage of the charger: 54.4V-55.2V
The working voltage of headlamp: 12V
Working current of headlamp: 0.2A
Taillight working voltage: 6V
Tail lamp working current: 0.1A
Dimensions & Weight Net weight: about 23.01kg
Expanded size: 106 x 44 x 112.5cm
Folded size: 120 x 44 x 34mm
Package Contents One Package Weight: 23.20kgs / 51.15lb
Qty per Carton:1
Carton Weight: 24.10kgs / 53.13lb
Carton Size:122cm * 29cm * 52cm / 48.03inch *
11.42inch * 20.47inch
Loading Container: 20GP: 144 cartons * 1 pcs = 144 pcs
40HQ: 336 cartons * 1 pcs = 336 pcs

Our Rating

The overall rating is based on review by our experts

  • Design 10 / 10
  • Features 9 / 10
  • Display 9 / 10
  • Connectivity 10 / 10
  • Performance 10 / 10
  • Battery 9 / 10
  • Mileage 9 / 10
  • Usability 9 / 10

The BOGIST C1 PRO Professional is a powerful e-scooter that demonstrates superior efficiency, key quality, and reliability. It is a strong , and durable supply that can protect it from being broken and easily broken.Bogist C1 Pro (2)

Design of BOGIST C1 PRO

It is designed for humid and dry climate conditions and does not hesitate to push through different floor conditions.

The C1 Professional is powered by a complex 600W highly efficient motor that powers it at speeds of up to 45km / h or 28mph and an extended distance of 40km or 25 miles.Bogist C1 Pro design (2)

This is the perfect scooter for everyday use for both work and pleasure, comfortable and necessary, safe location for everyone.more to love Eleglide S1 Plus

You can ride it both standing or sitting, no matter how comfortable you feel – the C1 Pro makes the e-scooter much more sensitive.

Feature of BOGIST C1 PRO

The grip on the BOGIST C1 PRO handlebars is very easy to remove and I guarantee you that this is ultimately a transportable scooter, plus it weighs 12Kg (compared to 15-16Kg of a conventional scooter).

Effectively adjusting the top of the handlebar in 2 steps, mostly based on the top of the consumer. For example, a buyer may have a small hook to hold the bag.Bogist C1 Pro feature2 (2)

The scooter has an entrance and a rear light, we get a disc brake after braking the engine, and if we are both in a hilly place it won’t cause him any problems, as a result of which he can still pass the 15-degree turn.

A 48V 13Ah battery allows you to cover a distance of about 40-45km, a clear variable result depends on the rider’s load, speed, driving model, and highway floor.

Pros and Cons of BOGIST C1 PRO

  • Can flexibly control
  • 13Ah Hug Capacity Battery
  • 500W motor
  • CE Certification
  • Foldable design
  • Shockproof and stab-proof
  • Super easy one-step folding with seat
  • No Cons


The BOGIST C1 PRO has a rear disc brake, the digital braking system allows for faster braking, ensuring your safety at extra speeds. How long can the system work at full cost? It takes about 5-10 hours to fully complete, then it can do 35-40 miles.

Where to buy BOGIST C1 PRO ?

You can buy BOGIST C1 PRO from online shops like Geekbuying, Banggood, Aliexpress


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