Oppo Watch 4 Pro review: 1.91-inch AMOLED screen With Snapdragon W5 chip

Oppo Watch 4 Pro review: OPPO launched the new Watch 4 Pro not too long ago. It brings general configuration upgrades and improves health and sports activity algorithms to be extra efficient.


Oppo Watch 4 Pro review: Introduction

The watch’s body adopts a 1.91-inch LTPO full-curved FlexiAmoledolad display with a resolution of 378×496 and PPI326.Oppo Watch 4 Pro review

It supports an intelligent combination of display refresh fee and international AOD dial show. Battery life is 15% longer than conventional OLEDs and will light up repeatedly. Remember the long battery life.

Oppo Watch 4 Pro review: Design

The OPPO Watch 4 Pro integrates the previous technology regarding CE looking. The built-in chrome steel case is paired with an Italian cowhide strap in Daybreak Brown, which highlights the high-luxury texture and can meet the carrying needs of high-end individuals in various situations.Oppo Watch 4 Pro design

In addition, the plastic bracket is far away from the display, and there is a 0.1mm peak difference between the steel case and the display, which can improve the sense of unity and visual thinness and enhance the anti-fall efficiency.

Oppo Watch 4 Pro review: Feature

The rear underside cowl fabric has been upgraded from plastic to ceramic, bringing a high-end texture. The centre includes a watch part, several sensors like coronary heart rate and blood oxygen built-in, and a brand new wrist temperature sensor has been added.Oppo Watch 4 Pro per

Notably, the OPPO Watch 4 Pro’s bold sensor has been upgraded to eight channels, and the blood oxygen sensor has been upgraded to 16. Conceptually, the detection performance is hyper-accurate. At the bottom are four steel magnetic charging contacts

Oppo Watch 4 Pro review: Performance

OPPO Watch 4 Pro goes a step further and offers functional gesture recognition. It can instantly monitor left and right leg stability, floor contact time, vertical amplitude and various high-level work data without carrying various auxiliary equipment.

This is additional because the sensor has improved. This brings additional accurate monitoring capabilities. Whether you’re working outdoors or indoors, posture data can be analyzed, allowing you to improve on issues that arise while working.Oppo Watch 4 Pro feature

OPPO Watch 4 Pro comes with a unique self-enhanced efficient badminton mode, the most complete 12 sports activities information in the business.

It can file various swing types, forehand/backhand, overhand/underhand, and maximum racket speed, the most continuously used data like static capturing and living length efficient types.

Oppo Watch 4 Pro review: More Feature

In the watch face market, OPPO Watch 4 Pro has more than 400 watch faces to choose from, and all of them support personalized changes, segment colour, background colour and time type.

OPPO Watch 4 Pro supports full-featured NFC and can be used with OPPO’s “Huantai Well being” APP to open the bus and enter playing cards.

Perhaps most notable is that the OPPO Watch 4 Pro adds a sensorless auto key and has reached a system-level collaboration with Supreme for the primary bar.

OPPO Watch SE feature

It can open and close the lock mechanically while approaching the automotive door and assist in the maximum fashion.

However, since the product we tested was an engineering prototype, the APP in the screenshot could have added better support. Customers can activate it after it is officially launched.

In particular, the automatic key function can be brilliant. Automobile homeowners who usually neglect to pick up their cellphones or run out of battery will unlock the automotive door by raising their wrists. This skill is very comfortable.

Oppo Watch 4 Pro review: Conclusion

The creator has personally tested that when the blood oxygen, coronary heart rate and sleep features are fully activated, it can get a battery life of 4 to five days in full suitable mode, which is not entirely different from the official promotion. It can get more than two weeks of battery life in gentle mode without worrying about battery life.

Oppo Watch 4 Pro review: Where to buy

You can buy Oppo Watch 4 Pro from online shops like AmazonAliexpress, Cafago, Geekbuying, Banggood, Tomtop.


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