NAVEE N65 Electric Scooter Review: 10-inch Folding 500W Motor 25km/h 48V

NAVEE N65 Electric Scooter Review: The new NAVEE N65 is an awesome e-scooter available in glossy black. The e-scooter has a few extra features that make it high-end.NAVEE N65 design2

NAVEE N65 Electric Scooter Review: Interoduction

Many days later, we now have a fully electric scooter that combines highly functional features and power options to make an ideal e-scooter for Metropolis travel.

NAVEE N65 Electric Scooter has a powerful motor and gives an extension using the battery it is equipped with. Similarly, the N65 e-scooter comes with huge pneumatic tires. NAVEE has decided to offer you a great e-scooter using your skills.

NAVEE N65 Electric Scooter Review: Design

The NAVEE N65 electric scooter runs on 10 “* 3” huge pneumatic tires. The tires on the NAVEE scooter are properly fitted.NAVEE N65 feature

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They not only help you to enjoy the scooter on the streets of Metropolis but also enjoy using it off the road. In addition, the high carbon metals, aluminum, and magnesium alloys make the body e-scooter extremely strong. It helps to load up to 120 kg at most.

NAVEE N65 Electric Scooter Review: Price

At Geekbuying for $699.99 | At AliExpress for $599.99

NAVEE N65 Electric Scooter Review: Feature

The NAVEE electric scooter is presented with powerful options and specs. Electric scooters have numerous riding-speeding modes.

In addition, it comes with APP support, making it an intelligent e-scooter. Many of its primary alternatives distinguish the NAVEE N65 from its competitors at a similar price.NAVEE N65 feature2

E-scooters are equipped with a powerful motor. 500W brushless motor means you can easily feel the electric scooter. The engine additionally gives you a maximum speed of 32 km / h (20mph). In addition, the sturdy brushless motor allows it to climb.

NAVEE N65 Electric Scooter Review: Battery

E-scooter batteries are relatively long-lasting. 12.5Ah battery capacity will provide longer battery life. The battery in the NAVEE electric scooter is longer than its competitors.

It gives a complete difference of 65 kilometers. In addition, the Battery Administration System (BMS) offers eco-friendly battery life.NAVEE N65 battery

The NAVEE electric scooter has a twin braking system. Twin brakes add safety for riders. The rear tire has a disc brake and the entrance has an E-ABS brake In addition, the e-scooter has 4 racing modes;

NAVEE N65 Electric Scooter Review: Performance

At degree one, you probably have 6km / h, degree two 15km / h, degree three 20km / h, and degree 4 means you can go from 25km / h to 32km / h faster.

The NAVEE N65 electric scooter comes with an APP handling function. In different phrases, you can probably manage a lot of its power through the “Go Navee” app on your smartphone.NAVEE N65 design

With APP, you can probably connect to Bluetooth gadgets and analyze speed, mode, and battery power. You can even enable and disable capabilities like Cruise Mode, Battery Recovery Mode. The app additionally provides error monitoring, language settings, and lots of additional benefits.

NAVEE N65 Electric Scooter Review:  Pros and Cons

  • High quality 500W brushless motor
  • Dual braking
  • High capacity 48V 12.5Ah lithium battery
  • 10-inch pneumatic tires
  • Stable and strong power
  • Can Save You energy
  • No Air  pollution
  • Insurance Problems

NAVEE N65 Electric Scooter Review: Conclusion

The NAVEE electric scooter can be very moving due to its foldability. All the best way down you can fold the handlebars. Folding means you can simply pick it up or retailer in the trunk and ride with it.

In addition, a good show can offer you convenient output, battery life, the mode you’re using Bluetooth, mileage, and more.

NAVEE N65 Electric Scooter Review: Where to buy NAVEE N65 Electric Scooter?

You can buy NAVEE N65 Electric Scooter from online shops like Aliexpress, Geekbuying, Banggood.


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