JMGO P3S Projector Best Review: Home Theatre with 15600mAh Battery

JMGO P3S Projector Best Review: Most customers who note portable projectors will know JMGO P3. This projector has won many awards worldwide for its excellent design.

Especially the design of the lens that can be rotated by 90 levels it has become the cellular TV in the fingers of many people.

JMGO P3S Projector design2-min

JMGO P3S Projector Best Review: Introduction

This projector additionally sets the document of more than 20,000 items purchased in 5 minutes in the home broadcast room.

Today, JMGO has launched a new portable projection product JMGO P3S Projector. The company has completely upgraded this product from functionality to operation. And Luke’s design is extra textured.

JMGO P3S Projector Best Review: Design

In the appearance phrase, nuts use P3S sandstone texture which is quite common in nature among materials, and the color is white with dots. Love to more Blitzwolf BW-VP12 Pro

Compared to the additional commercial look physics design of the previous technology, the brand new product is a step-by-step addition to the informal and petty-bourgeois way of life of the youth the general form is less complicated to assemble around the house.

JMGO P3S Projector

The body can rotate freely between 90 ° ± 5 of, bring extra gameplay, the maximum angle will forge in the ceiling.

This design has additionally won three worldwide awards, highlighting the uniqueness of this design. The volume of the product is only the dimension of a cup of insulating water.

JMGO P3S Projector Best Review: Price

At Banggood For $509.99

JMGO P3S Projector Best Review: Feature

It can be very convenient to keep. It will carry in a bag as you wish, suitable for indoor and outdoor cellular views.

Practical improvements additionally allow P3S to meet customer needs. The first is to assist in automatic keystone correction operations, assisting six keystone corrections. A vision projection could be the operation.

JMGO P3S Projector feature2

You don’t want to put projections in the heart of the display and the left and right directions can challenge a daily figure.

JMGO P3S Projector feature

Second, it can be very fast and non-sensitive focusing. It only wants to end 2S focusing. Even if the projector is move throughout the viewing time.

JMGO P3S Projector Best Review: Battery

More importantly, the P3S has a built-in 15600-mAh high-capacity battery. Based on the unique P3 battery, the P3S optimizes the projector,s internal circuit to extend battery life.

It can be finalized for up to 3.5 hours. It will also be convenient to plug in the adapter in an inconvenient position, equivalent to the outdoor.

JMGO P3S Projector battery

The size of the adapter is smaller and more convenient than the normal adapter of the projector. This allows the projector and adapter to be held in one hand at the same time.

JMGO P3S Projector Best Review: Performance

The JMGO P3S has an additional display to avoid interruptions. When there seems to be an obstruction in the projection display, the projector will regularly detect and stay away from the obstruction and discover the most important 16: 9 display among the remaining displays for projection to complete the display.

JMGO P3S Projector design

In addition, P3S can be used as an impact financial institution, supports reverse charging. The Type-C and Type-A interfaces can consume two cell phones/tablets and different units at the same time.

JMGO P3S Projector Best Review: Pros and Cons

  • Home Theater
  • Built in 15600Amh
  • High-transparence coated lens
  • 1280x720dpi  Resolution
  • Manual Correction
  • No Cons

JMGO P3S Projector Best Review: Conclusion

The machine comes with a 65-watt gallium nitride fast charging adapter. It is half as much as the previous product and extra transportable and light. Charging time can be 1-2 hours faster than previous technology products.


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