ILIFE A10 Robot Best Review: Smart laser navigation with multiple-floor mapping

ILIFE A10 Robot Best Review: The A10 comes in a well-packaged case with a decent variety of tools. You get two units of vision brushes, an optional filter, cleaning software, a rubber brush, and a precise station and vacuum.ILIFE A10 feature2

ILIFE A10 Robot Best Review: Introduction

With dimensions of 33cm x 32cm x 9.5cm, we all know it can be a compact vacuum in a position that can quickly get under tables and tall furniture.

Perspective brushes are color-coded and snap into place or pop out for options. By default, the unit comes with a mixed curler brush, which includes bristles that can be good at cleaning carpets and tiring floors.ILIFE A10 design

Still, when you get comfortable picking up bits of junk later (like dust near the entry door), you’ll be able to equip the rubber brush with two changes quickly.

ILIFE A10 Robot Best Review: Design

Included with the A10 is a remote control we don’t think we’ll use much. However, there is an essential factor to note about this remote management.

In addition to setting a schedule on the A10 and using it to start cleansing, this is a method you’ll be able to allow for different cleansing modes for the A10 – edge and spot cleansing.ILIFE A10 feture3

Yes, although the A10 has a companion app, there’s no trick to quickly clear a spot without choosing a distance.

ILIFE A10 Robot Best Review: Price

At AliExpress for $419.99

ILIFE A10 Robot Best Review: Feature

Unlike the A9, which relies on a digicam to navigate, the iLife A10 comes with laser navigation. Laser navigation is understood to be extra accurate and extra fine for obstacles within the cleansing space.

It allows the robot to work in a dark room. The A10 can save a map of your own home and use it to customize your cleaning routine by setting boundaries and carpet zones, invisible partitions, room dividers, and more.ILIFE A10 feature

The iLife A10 Robot Vacuum is probably one of the best cleansing robots out there. The firm does not specify the suction power of a vacuum cleaner. But that’s not enough for day after day of tiring floor scrubbing.

ILIFE A10 Robot Best Review: Performance

With two sweeping brushes, the ILife A10 dramatically improves its ability to sweep street dust and fix the perimeter and corners in the vacuum zone.

No cleansing robotic is entirely eco-friendly, but the iLife A10 outperforms most competing products with just one brush. Although choosing a dry wipe was complicated, the machine could successfully clean the world.ILIFE A10 design2

The iLife A10 requires simple maintenance to keep the whole lot operating smoothly. A includes cleaning and separating objects from mud and critical brushes, filling water tanks, emptying bins, and cleaning mop material.

Without regular maintenance, the cleansing effect of the ILife A10 will decrease significantly. This app helps you monitor the condition of consumables like brushes and filters.

ILIFE A10 Robot Best Review: Battery

It was enough for each vacuum and dry of my 1071 square meter house. I ran back and took about 90 minutes to complete each task.

The app does not present the specific battery degree of the gadget but reviews that the battery is empty after about 90 minutes of operation.

ILIFE A10 Robot Best Review: Pros And Cons

  • Beautifully built
  • Purposeful navigation
  • Two clean brushes
  • Multimap value
  • Multiple-Floor Mapping

  • Tough to maintain

ILIFE A10 Robot Best Review: Conclusion

The docking station must be where you can easily access and view the iLife A10. The home map can find the port in another room without a direct line of sight. Conveniently, you can also join the automatic charger.

ILIFE A10 Robot Best Review: Where to buy

You can buy iLife A10 Robot Vacuum from online shops like Aliexpress, Cafago, Geekbuying, Banggood, Tomtop.


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