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ECOVACS N9 Puls Vacuum Review: Sweeping and Mopping Integrated Robot

ECOVACS N9 Puls Vacuum Review: The ECOVACS N9 Puls has a built-in function that robotically washes away anger and robotic cleans itself. Located at the bottom of the body with a precision sensor.ECOVACS N9 Puls Vacuum Review

ECOVACS N9 Puls Vacuum Review: Introduction

Then come to the Ecovacs N9 + mop which is designed to rotate with the antibacterial particles built into the Bristol of the Ecovacs Deebot N9 + mop. Deebot N9 + maximizes bacterial function, killing 99% of soil microorganisms, molds, or parasites.

ECOVACS N9 Puls Vacuum Review: Design

For previous robotic vacuum cleaners, MOP was designed as a flat component, with a cleaning effect especially due to the pressure on the ground. You can also like Lefant M213 Vacuum

Also, the round LDS design that rises above robotic physics can be changed by Smart Eye changed. Create a clean and tidy floor in the upper body of the Deebot N9 + robotic.ECOVACS N9 Puls Vacuum

Also, the EcoVax model symbol with a stylized e-image can be printed in the middle of robotic physics. Assist customers in establishing products quickly.

ECOVACS N9 Puls Vacuum Review: Price

At AliExpress for $759.99 | At Geekbuying for $299.99

ECOVACS N9 Puls Vacuum Review: Water tanks

The water field consists of two huge water tanks, where the blue one is for clean water and the black one is for wastewater after washing clothes.ECOVACS N9 Puls watertank

With this clever construction, customers don’t want to worry about robotic vacuum cleaner cleaning techniques. By simply returning to the charger, the Ecovacs Deebot N9 + will probably be cleaned robotically, then you just need to throw away the wastewater to finish the robotics cleansing course.

ECOVACS N9 Puls Vacuum Review: Performance

In the water field id, there are additional basic instructions for use so that customers can understand the best way to use it quickly.

Modern Smart Eye 4. Skill on Zero helps robotics to quickly place objects correctly. Draw a deep home map. Also, the flexibility of planning your route can be remarkably responsive.ECOVACS N9 Puls

Be positive to clean every corner and cranny of your own home. After completing each work cycle, the robotic additionally robotically return to the charging dock and cleans the mop to perform the following task.

ECOVACS N9 Puls Vacuum Review: Battery

The large battery life of 5200mAh helps the robotic to work repeatedly for 150 minutes. Guaranteed to clean a large ground space ?ECOVACS N9 Puls feature2

About 230 square meters at a single cost. This is the wonderful advantage of this new era of clever robotic products that customers should think about choosing.

ECOVACS N9 Puls Vacuum Review: Feature

The strong suction drive of 2200 Pa is not the best of all traces. But you will be able to see when the MOP and the above highly effective propeller will be mixed with higher options.

The cleansing power of the Ecovacs N9 Plus is not inferior to any high-end line. Also, the navigation function with smart eye flexibility detects and scans 2D photos per centimeter.ECOVACS N9 Puls feature

Extensive storage can sell as many as three different types of maps as a retailer. Where each cell on each map can set up a different model.

The digital wall function that creates the no-go area for Ecovacs robots is already familiar to customers. Controlling and monitoring activities through the app creates additional important benefits.ECOVACS N9 Puls feature3

User-friendly digital wall operation. Helps robotics to limit vacuuming and clean the soil in a certain place. Also, the large storage capacity of three different maps ensures quick space search and saves cleaning time.

ECOVACS N9 Puls Vacuum Review: Pros and Cons

  • Electric control water tank
  • Mop-and-sweep
  • Visual navigation
  • Rolling brush type
  • Powerful Configuration
  • No Remote Control

ECOVACS N9 Puls Vacuum Review: Conclusion

After the initial cleaning, the EcoVax Home app can create and map your entire home. At the same time, the cells are scientifically divided robotically.

Moreover, with the fashionable Smart Eye 4. Zero efficiencies, the time to sort the map will probably be the shortest compared to conventional navigation.

ECOVACS N9 Puls Vacuum Review: Where to buy ECOVACS N9 Puls Vacuum?

You can buy N9 Vacuum from online shops like Geekbuying, Banggood, Aliexpress.


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