EBike AVAKA K200 Best Review: 26 Inch Tires 350 Watt Motor With Removable Battery

EBike AVAKA K200 Best Review: EBike AVAKA K200 is an electric metropolitan bike designed for a straight and quiet journey, starting from a stagnant and a large amount of torque, starting from mountain climbing.EBike AVAKA K200 Best Review des

EBike AVAKA K200 Best Review: Design

The physique of the bike provides additional focus on the rider’s comfort through the aluminum aloe, from the aluminum to the fabric, the circuit.

EBike AVAKA K200 Best Review: Price

At AliExpress for $1,005.40

Please think of older people; it is relatively easy for people of all ages with children and girls, and the amount of practicality for daily journeys is extreme.EBike AVAKA K200 Best

26*2.1 bike tires are made to go well with wheels that measure 26 inches in diameter, and it is 2.1 inches long. Fat bikes, snow, sand, or mud, such as soft or free surfaces, are great to drive, often using this tire, which has become more modern.

EBike AVAKA K200 Best Review: Feature

It basically includes a maximum output of 350W and a high-resolution 12-magnet cadence sensor that includes a 350W brushless motor that ensures that it is estimated and easy to stop. It makes the same great separate for passengers and weekend adventures.EBike AVAKA K200 Best Review

EBike AVAKA K200 Best Review: Main Specifications

  • Frame: Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Motor: 48V 350W
  • Tire: 26*2.1 Inches
  • Battery Weight: 3.86kg
  • Power Assisted Rangs: 80KM
  • Pure Electric Ranges: 35KM
  • Maximum Speed: 35km/H
  • Motor Torque: 50NM
  • Charger: 54.6V 2Ah
  • Seatpost: 350mm
  • Applicable Height: 160-190mm
  • Charging Time: 5-6h
  • Weight: 32.1kg

The 350-wat brushless motor is built for prime velocity and genuine administration rather than vigor output. Gyard motor provides a comfortable and straight trip.

EBike AVAKA K200 Best Review : Performance

It has a pretty torque for starting the steep hills and the stationery. The high-resolution 12-magnet cadence sensor confirms an estimated and general close-to-begin, making it a great separation for passengers and weekend adventurers.EBike AVAKA K200 Best bra

Avka K 200 is primarily used for traveling to metropolitan leisure and short distances, which can end with greater velocity and functionality.

EBike AVAKA K200 Best Review : Brakes

The Avoca K 200 has a twin braking system containing the entrance to the 200 and rear disc brakes and a mechanical disc brake.

When your bike has a 7 -7-speed shimmer gear-free wheel system that allows the change of normal gear, it is the wind to go up the hill quickly.

As a result of the paddle assistance system, you can change the right gear to finish your journey, which works, as well as alternative preferences.

EBike AVAKA K200 Best Review: Battery

Since it can be removed from the physical Avoca K 200, the battery is easy to drive to your non-public accommodation or workplace so that it can be charged quickly.EBike AVAKA K200 Best Review per

You will go to the freeway once more, and with a little effort, you have a battery with 48 volts, 12MM hours, and 5 to 6 hours of fast charging time.

EBike AVAKA K200 Best Review: Conclusion

Spring-based entrance suspension improves shock prevention and effectiveness, resulting in greater traction, administration, and solid and unequal terrain stability.

This suspension system confirms a comfortable journey regardless of the place you are: on Mountain Trail, cruising across the metropolis, or any of them.

EBike AVAKA K200 Best Review: Where to buy EBike AVAKA K200?

You can buy EBike AVAKA K200 from online shops like Aliexpress, Amazon, Geekbuying, Banggood, Tomtop.


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