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For those who don’t want to compromise functionality with looks, JJRC offers the best choices for eye-catching quadcopters. Traditional RC toys don’t look quite as sleek as JJRC’s product line. In addition, behind the looks is an equally powerful motor and mechanics that runs the device. Because of the modular nature of JJRC’s products, upgrading parts and buying spares is easy and accessible.

    • Feature 1: GPS positioning
    • Feature 2: Optical flow positioning
    • Feature 3: Dual camera switching
    • Feature 4: Brushless Motor
    • Feature 5: 8K pixels camera
    • Feature 6: Headless mode
  • JJRC H110

    • Feature 1: Land & Air Dual Mode
    • Feature 2: 8K HD Camera Lens
    • Feature 3: Track Flight
    • Feature 4: 360 Degree Flip Stunt
    • Feature 5: Enjoy More Scenery
    • Feature 6: Intelligent Fixed Height Hover


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