ACGAM B1-402 Treadmill Review: 2-in-1 Jogging & Smart Walking Machine

ACGAM B1-402 Treadmill Review: The ACGAM B1-402 sterling machine comes with glorious shock absorption efficiency. The awesome eight shock-absorbing columns in the treadmill will allow you to jog or walk comfortably on B1-402 without the risk of knee damage.

ACGAM B1-402 Treadmill

ACGAM B1-402 Treadmill Review: Introduction

ACGAM, the Chinese manufacturer that is recognized to date for height-adjustable electric desks, did not launch a replacement tape too long ago and is now the most accessible tape in its form.

ACGAM B1-402 Treadmill (2)

Named the ACGAM B1-402, this mannequin, although not foldable, is compact enough not to take up too many houses in the dwelling and could soon be hidden in any corner of the house. It can help with a weight of 22.5 kilograms and a maximum weight of 100 kilograms. similar WalkingPad R2

ACGAM B1-402 Treadmill Review: Design

ACGAM B1-402 can be set at a completely different pace for slow walking, light jogging, or brisk walking after a meal. More to love XMUND XD-T1

A Bluetooth speaker is a brand new addition to any treadmill. It is why ACGAM B1-402 is different from the smart treadmill gang.

ACGAM B1-402 Treadmill design2

There is a great LED panel for power, time, distance, full mileage, and speed. In addition, it is equipped with remote management for speed control and machine shutdown.

ACGAM B1-402 Treadmill feature

Another innovation is the help of the telephone. You can then connect the Bluetooth speaker to your smartphone and put it in the holder. It has built-in transport wheels to drive it safely and comfortably.

ACGAM B1-402 Treadmill Review: Price

At geekbuying For $279.99 | At Aliexpress for $279.99

ACGAM B1-402 Treadmill Review: Feature

Moreover, the multi-level design ensures great visibility by stopping harmful waterfalls. An LED show will help you save your speed, energy burn, distance monitoring; Time, and different speed data in any ambient light situation.

ACGAM B1-402 Treadmill design

If you are looking for an intelligent and portable container, the ACGAM B1-402 is just what you want, because it has a really thin body, and it can be moved simply because of its two small wheels.

The ACGAM B1-402 treadmill has wheels to move effortlessly. It is a transportable smart treadmill with shock-absorbing efficiency for safe exercise.

ACGAM B1-402 Treadmill Review: Specification
  • Maximum Load: 100kg
  • Applicable Age: 14 to 60 years old
  • Speed: 1.0km/h-6.0km/h
  • Rated Voltage: 220V-240V
  • rated power: 488W
  • Walking Cloth Area: 1100 x 400mm
  • Product Weight: 24kg
  • Expand  Size: 1335*602*1220mm
  • Package Dimensions: 1505*645*165mm

ACGAM B1-402 Treadmill Review: Pros and Cons

  • 100kg Maximum Load
  • Shock Absorption Technology
  • Smart LED Display
  • Stability Durability and Safty
  • Built-in Bluetooth Speaker
  • Ultra Quite Motor
  • It has No incline system

ACGAM B1-402 Treadmill Review: Conclusion

If you want to burn some energy and lose a few pounds, walk a bit after meals, or maintain your healthy lifestyle, the intelligent ACGAM B1-402, 2-in-1 jogging and strolling machine is what you want. It is a powerful but inexpensive treadmill with shock absorption efficiency and a remote controller.


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