ABIR X8 Robot Vacuum Best Review: Leser With smart electric water tank

ABIR X8 Robot Vacuum Best Review: The ABIR X8 Robot Vacuum cleaner brings a powerful and reliable Japanese motor. It provides good suction power.

Accordingly, it ensures the quality of cleanliness. In addition, the robot can clean the moisture with water depth control.

ABIR X8 Robot design

ABIR X8 Robot Vacuum Best Review: Introduction

The X8 has advanced synthetic intelligence and well-thought-out software that allows you to select or restrict areas for cleaning, set up digital partitions, control suction power.

ABIR X8 Robot Vacuum Best Review: Price

At Gearbest for $314.88

ABIR X8 Robot Vacuum Best Review: Design

The design is similar across the entire line of your Abir robot. The sample is similar in this case. ABIR X8 Robot Vacuum cleaner looks good and is partly a mud mask that inevitably seems throughout the operation.

ABIR X8 Robot

Indiscipline, plastic, though glossy, looks good. The primary reason that prints can be seen is that you do not touch them with your fingers. But the mud is not so noticeable and, it can be removed with a dry cloth.

ABIR X8 Robot Vacuum Best Review: Feature

The X8 is the cleanest robotic vacuum cleaner I’ve ever had. In very unusual situations, he still touches the furnishings with a bumper. for example, if it is the legs of a desk or chair, he should be able to rotate it as much as possible and never miss the unclean space.

ABIR X8 Robot feature

ABIR X8 Robot feature2

Both attachments have a waste container. The initial nozzle contains a 600ml waste bin. It cleaning every day allows you not to visit there every week. But out of curiosity, there’s an extra trash bogie at the front of the wet cleaning!

The fact is that while cleaning the floor, the robotic continues to rotate the V-shaped and side brushes, mechanically collecting particles and hair.

ABIR X8 Robot battery

This seems to be an electric broom mode. Jump up and wipe the floor instantly. Well, before that if you just go extra zero, the floor will shine with cleanliness!

ABIR X8 Robot Vacuum Best Review: Battery

3200-mAh at 1600V as a result, we now have 4 18650 batteries here, which are connect in order. Power – 42.92 Wh

The battery is connected via a 2-pin connector, and over time, when the power decreases from pure degradation, it can only be replaced by your own.

ABIR X8 Robot battery2

Early introduction of robotics. It scans the room and instantly sees its boundaries, a part of the hall, and even the porch. The robotic traditionally outlines a bit for itself.

Most water for a two-room accommodation with a kitchen and a large hall takes 200-250 ml.

ABIR X8 Robot Vacuum Best Review: Performance

First, he goes across the perimeter as well as the website, then clears the state in zigzags. He then removes the second part of the room and strikes, highlighting the brand new place and your entire remaining hall.

ABIR X8 Robot design2

In the following passage, he cleans the rest of the second room. A desk, chair, a bicycle is usually not a problem. He obstructs where he cannot move physically.

ABIR X8 Robot Vacuum Best Review: Pros and Cons

  • Dual Laser+SLAM Navigation
  • Eight-core Imported Chip
  • Unique Algorithm Program
  • TOF wisdom sensor
  • 360 degree full view scanning
  • 360ml electric water tank
  • 600ml big dustbin
  • Working not great

ABIR X8 Robot Vacuum Best Review: Conclusion

Next, the robotic goes to the kitchen, cleans it, and, when done, returns to the backroom for charging Robot strikes seem to run as fast as they can. It has spent 35 minutes and 24% of the cost for your complete cleaning.


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