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ABIR X6 Vacuum Best Review: 6000Pa Camera+VSLAM+SLAM Navigation

ABIR X6 Vacuum Best Review: ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner The world’s first robotic vacuum cleaner with a multi-function system.

Help with WiFi App Management, Alex, Google Home, and more. Visual real-time place map development, the built-in twin RSCI processor core is integrated with a map, navigation, sensors, and much more. Hardware accelerator to realize additional accurate location and map development.ABIR X6 design2

ABIR X6 Vacuum Best Review: Introduction

The ABIR X6 is designed with a glossy black color to provide a way of acquaintance but no less luxurious in your home.

The hidden digital camera design minimizes the height of each highly decorative and robotic so that the machine can go deeper into the closet, under the mattress for washing.

The two brushes on the side of the robotic will collect garbage in the vicinity of the robotic suction mouth. Not only that, the sting brush can help clean up debris in places where the product is inconvenient to achieve consistency with the edges, the angles of the partition.

The most important brush is located on the back of the robotic, with a V-shaped bristles design to successfully deliver the mud collected by the comb edge to the suction pad.

ABIR X6 Vacuum Best Review: Design

The ABIR X6 robot vacuum cleaner is made of matte black and glossy plastic. The form of the instrument, as seen from above, is round.

The Abir X6 looks very dignified and classy. The entrance panel has a small space with power and return buttons at the docking station and a digital camera to scan the room.ABIR X6 design

The floor of the highest cowl is shiny; A sample is given on it. Vacuum Cleaner is a great vacuum cleaner that integrates MOP operators.

Only small dimensions of 33x33x7.6cm give it a priority to achieve positions Three in 1 V-Shape Floating Curler Brush + Invented Vision Brush + Clever On.

The distinctive design of the Streamline Air Duct had the advantage of low wind resistance and low noise of 55db. Even when the child is asleep, you can probably finish your cleaning job. Self-detection of sensitive and solid floor systems + carpet sensor system enhances the durability of the cleaning path and the cleaning protection.

ABIR X6 Vacuum Best Review: Price

At AliExpress for $244.29 | At Banggood for $335.99

ABIR X6 Vacuum Best Review: Feature

ABIR X6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Branded Needk Brushless Motor, 1800-2500Pa Adjustable Suction Energy means you can clean tiny mud, short, dog hair, cat litter, etc. 0.6L huge mud bin with double filter, unique leak-proof design, hip, and main double filter to stop second-hand air pollution.

Huge off-road wheel, manage a clean experience on uneven floors, tactfully and 1.8cm barrier/carpet edges easily.

The X6 robotic vacuum doesn’t just help the four market-popular cleaning modes. It also helps to draw digital walls by hand, draw cleansing space in the app, two new cleansing modes – maximum power vacuum mode and timed cleansing mode.ABIR X6 feature2

In maximum power vacuum mode, press a button, and the suction power is improved. So that the mud residue from the blanket and the pet’s hair can be thoroughly cleaned. In timely cleansing mode, you can start the room washing robotic based on your schedule.

The ABIR X6 is supplied with a combination of three navigation methods with Visual Samera, SLAM graphic algorithm, and Islam navigation system.ABIR X6 battery

The visible digital camera system and SLAM graphics algorithm help ABIRX6 to accept a lot of objects, thereby optimizing cleansing.

The VSLAM system and paired built-in quartic RSCI processing cores combine with maps, navigation methods, and sensors to help robotics navigate accurately and create maps extra efficiently.

ABIR X6 Vacuum Best Review: Water Tank

The water tank is provided with a clever digital pump motor that helps to manage the flow of water while working to avoid water leakage in the soil.ABIR X6 watertank

You can choose from three water modes suitable for ground materials: large, regular, small Also, a large water capacity of up to 360ml allows ABIR X6 to operate in large areas from 120-180m2.

ABIR X6 Vacuum Best Review: Battery

The ABIR X6 is designed by a Japanese brushless needle motor. The superior function of the brushless motor, which helps to delay the life of the robotic and reduce noise, and at the same time increase the suction power to 1800-2500pa.

Li-ion battery with long life, designed to withstand the consequences of heat and 2600mAh power. As a result, the effectiveness of ABIRX6 increases to about 150 m2 during approximately 120 minutes of operation.ABIR X6 feature

If your private home house is designed with a lot of carpets and the door tail in the room is bigger than 1cm, in obstacle mode, ABIR X6 will solve these obstacles.

The huge designed wheels help the ABIR X6 to move in uneven terrain related to the carpeted area. Thanks to the off-road wheels, the ABIR X6 is considered “tougher” than various robotic strains and is suitable for unstable floors.

ABIR X6 Vacuum Best Review: Specification
  • Color: Black
  • Suction: 6000Pa
  • Dust Bin Capacity: 600ml
  • Water Tank Capacity: 360ml
  • Wet Mopping Time: 200 min
  • Charging Time: 120min
  • Working Time: 90-120min
  • Noise: ≤50dB
  • Power: 25W
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Cleaning Mode: 15 Modes
  • Suction Adjustment: Mute/Normal/Max
  • Obstacle Crossing Ability: 2cm
  • Moving Speed: 22cm/s, 32cm/s
  • Application Area: 200㎡
  • APP Control: Yes
  • Navigation System: Camera+VSLAM+SLAM
  • Route Plan: Al Dynamic Route Plan
  • Battery Type: Li-ion battery
  • Battery Capacity: 2600mAh

ABIR X6 Vacuum Best Review: Pros and Cons

  • Smart Eye System
  • VSL AM Navigation
  • Map Storage on APP
  • New Generation Brushless Motor
  • Exchangeable Water Tank and Dustbin
  • 3 in 1 V-shaped Floating Roller Brush
  • No Cons

ABIR X6 Vacuum Best Review: Conclusion

Built with Vietnam in X6 ABIR cellphone utility. Easy to operate with just one button. You can adjust the work schedule, suction power, adjust the amount of clean water precisely in the cellphone utility.

The Robot Vacuum Cleaner X6 is always updated with the latest software programs from the manufacturer to help the machine retain its optimal working efficiency.

ABIR X6 Vacuum Best Review: Where to buy ABIR X6 Vacuum?

You can buy X6 Vacuum from online shops like Geekbuying, Banggood, Aliexpress.


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